Finalist | Rural school competition | Port au Prince (Haiti)

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Temana is an haitian word that expresses the great importance of the game. This is the concept behind the project. For a correct and complete psycho-physical development, the child needs to live in a rich, and stimulating environment, where experiences can strengthen traditional teaching effects. The lesson takes place in a classroom overlooking the open space. Furniture is flexible enabling quick and safe change in the classroom internal configuration. The infill in bamboo panels allows a connection with the surrounding environment, while the plastered straw bale walls give the right privacy to the interior space. The game experience is designed with viable nets in the upper part of the classrooms and with child-sized facades. Game structures, inserted between walls and the supporting bamboo structure and connected with the different levels of the classrooms, become integral part of the architecture and a fundamental element of everyday school life, starting from the first phase of the project. The playground is considered a necessary elements for the childrens’s education. In the following phase, the creation of other experiential moments makes the project rich and formative from every point of view.