rug seasonality

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2_Emotional image


"Everything you can imagine, nature has already created" (A. Einstein).


Nature is always the main source of inspiration.

This line of thinking has recently been embraced by the fields of architecture and design.

The post #2 offers an emotional image. The aim is to make the viewer dream, proposing a different imaginary from which the ideas and colours that design the rugs could have come to life. The image is the result of a research in order to create a chromatic and formal coherence with the carpet to which it is associated.

4_Real set close up

Detail photos are useful in order to make people perceive weight and consistency of materials. Post with connection more to tactile perceptions than visual, through close-ups with low depth of field and a study of lighting.

6_Bespoke and proportion

Product photo in its entirety allow users to view the products even without going to the site. The composititonal scheme is repeated with little variation.  

The adaptation of the carpet to different shapes, geometries and sizes represents the philosophy of the company, where bespoke is a key element. The use of a white frame allow to lighten the stripe and take up the colors of the site.

1_Collection presentation

The post #1 wants to introduce the product. The method aims to create a continuity between the site and the Instagram feed.

This is why the characteristic elements of the site are repeated: white background and specific font. The company's fonts indicate the name of the collection and of the specific product. The white color takes on a structural appearance in the feed. The visible portion of the carpet on the right side is an anticipation of post #3 and gives color to the whole image.

3_Texture close up

The post #3 stands in thematic continuity with the post #1 and shows the design of the carpet. Lines, colors, shapes are shown in detail, as well as the texture of the carpet. This image completes the first stripes. The three posts therefore show the product, identify and present it, guaranteeing an overall chromatic unity.

5_Real set 

Set photos are important to integrate the carpet into a furnished context, resuming style and colors. Sometimes the carpet is presented in abstract settings, other times in real sets, sometimes apartments, living rooms, bedrooms. Minimal set emphasize the presence of the carpet, highlighting him as the protagonist of the scene Real set show how carpet work in a real house.