hasty ways

First Prize | Tomb of Waste Competition | Plastic impact art installation


There is no need to introduce myself,

we have known each other for a long time.

As a product of human mind, i was born a hundred years ago and every day i am reborn again.

I am light, resistant, malleable and I can live for a long time.

Over the years I have put myself at your service, i have made your life more comfortable and simple. You have loved me so much, opening to me all the doors of your daily life, introducing me to everyone and transforming me into anything.

One day you lost control. Everyone wanted to possess me but few knew how to manage me. Excessive and destructive use has turned me from resource into a problem.

I ended up piled up in the seas, abandoned in the mountains, undergrounded even in space.

But the problem is not me.

Maybe no one has ever told you: you are the one who is dangerous. It’s not me.

If you cannot walk lightly on tiptoes, you are the problem.

If you grew no sensitivity, awareness and responsibility, you will have to accept the consequences.

If you do not notice the burden your actions have every day, time will show you.

Today I am here to warn you of all this, condensing years into seconds, choices into steps.

I want to show you what happens everyday because of you, even if you do not see it.

Every wrong step, every excessive movement has a consequence.

Learn how to walk lightly on tiptoes, with sensitivity, awareness and responsibility.

Learn to look back and around you,

and if you make a mistake, restore it. Put things right.

Because your mistakes could add to those of many others,

and lead to far more serious consequences than you think.

Open your eyes while you are still on time.



How long would the pavillion live there?


Without human interaction, the pavillion would remain in the perfect and complete state in which it was built.



How long would the pavillion live there?


Human presence, without a good sense of responsibility, is destructive to the pavillion.


Mösting A

3° 12' 43,2" S

5° 12' 39,6" W


Piazza Duomo Milano (IT)

45° 27' 51’' N

9° 11' 28″ W


Milan - Piazza Duomo.jpg
Esploso 1.png


The visible structure is entirely built with white recyled plastic. Material choice is made to highlight plastic as a good construction material and to emphasize its qualities. Colour choice is made to create a clean, spotless environment, pure as a wood that wears out and gets dirty when visitors pass through. The structure is conceived to react as the visitors walk through. The pipes may fall down depending on visitors behaviour.