Nube is Beniamino Brambilla, Giulia Turatto, Jacopo Breda. Three young architects graduated in 2018 from the Politecnico di Milano who, after some experiences in professional studies, decided to found Nube.

Nube is a small creative studio located near Milan. A place where our passions, skills and interests have converged. Nube deal with architecture, render images, installations, design competitions, graphi design, content creation, photo shooting.

Nube is a laboratory of ideas and an ongoing project. Nube has an eye for environmental issues and aims to set its work on the search for an architectural poetics reconciled with respect for the environment in which we live.

We use images to 

develop our own projects

or help someone else

Architecture | Visualization | Comunication

Other project


We deal with architectural design. We believe that carefully designed and built spaces are capable of improving people's lives.

content creation

We deal with the creation of images for various social network and communication channels.


We deal with architectural visualization. We believe in the communicative power of images.

Other project

We like to dream and experiment.

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